The Tenants Update 0.62: Bug Fixes and Balancing Changes

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The Tenants recently got an update that fixed issues and made some balancing changes. Most of these issues aren’t game-breaking. However, the bugs are quite annoying to come across.

An issue where trashing complaints would get resolved automatically when players just ignore it has been fixed in the latest update. This bug removes an important aspect of the game, which is to attend to the tenant’s issues. So, the bug just made it easier for players to skip the step without actually trying anything.

The early game can be quite difficult for players as they have fewer properties. So, the developers have decreased prices for select Slums’ properties, which should make the early game more fun and easier.

The Tenants Update 0.62

  • Fixed an issue with uncensored items being shown in the room settings context menu panel at all times.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to start cleaning an apartment with active workers inside.
  • Fixed a minor issue with tenant clothing visuals.
  • Fixed an issue with service and sabotage props not always disappearing when the interaction is complete.
  • Fixed an issue with service and sabotage sound effects not stopping after kicking the tenant out.
  • Fixed an issue with Open House guests getting stuck on rating only garden objects.
  • Fixed an issue with the long red rug blocking pathing.
  • Tweaked the visuals of the apartment highlight.
  • Disabled item spam penalty for funeral chairs and tables.
  • Tweaked how the room prestige score is calculated. It should now be easier to reach higher ratings in bigger rooms (like gardens or big interior rooms), and at the same time it should be harder to reach higher ratings in extremely small rooms.
  • Added apartment names display to appropriate UI panels.
  • Fixed an issue with the phone notification counter not always refreshing when opening the phone through a push notification.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect coloring of reply option buttons in the Texting app.
  • Fixed an issue with level display in the Player app.

You can read more about the update here.

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