Tekken 7 EVO Appearance Includes Geese Howard DLC Announcement, First Trailer

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The next member of the Tekken 7 roster was announced over the weekend, during the fighting game franchise’s return to the EVO stage. Geese Howard’s upcoming crossover appearance won’t appeal to everyone, especially those who don’t enjoy seeing guest characters in their fighting games, but it does mean some unfamiliar mechanics are coming to Tekken 7 later this year.

A new Tekken 7 character has been expected for more than a week, following the discovery of game files that suggested the new fighter would be from a different series. Most early theories pointed to Guilty Gear , given Harada’s recent trip to Arc System Works, but it looks like Fatal Fury will be first to contribute a new combatant. Howard won’t be the first guest on the T7 roster. That honor goes to Akuma, the Street Fighter villain who became part of the franchise’s lore when Tekken 7 hit PC and consoles earlier this year. But Howard joining the roster will give Bandai Namco a chance to incorporate key FF mechanics like the air dash.

Tekken 7 - Geese
Geese Howard in Tekken 7 Photo: Bandai Namco

A new trailer also provides more than two minutes of new gameplay from the Geese Howard DLC. And Tekken fans are already uncovering morsels of information from the clip, which seems to confirm Howard will be the second character on the Tekken 7 roster (alongside Jin) capable of parrying other characters’ Rage Arts combinations. It’s not clear whether or not Geese will also be written into the Tekken 7 lore, but he does seem to feature in at least one extended cutscene with Heihachi Mishima, a key player in the game’s story and the series’s overarching narrative. Maybe Howard and the eldest living Mishima can swap stories from their years as successful criminal overlords, before the “good guys” showed up, in their villainous retirement home?

For an early look at Geese Howard, as he’ll appear in Tekken 7, take a few minutes to check out the new trailer that debuted during EVO 2017. Then hit the comments and let us know if you’re excited about the next member of the Tekken 7 roster ahead of Geese’s winter debut.

Tekken 7 is in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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