'TaxiLater' App Lets You Pre-Schedule Your Uber Ride

Pre-schedule your Uber ride with third-party app 'TaxiLater.' TaxiLater

Fans of the ride app Uber who want the perks of a car service can now pre-schedule a ride using an app called “ TaxiLater.” The third-party app lets users select their Uber in advance for the moments in life when you know exactly when and where you need to be using Uber’s API, reports Gizmodo.

“Previously just an on-demand service, Uber can be frustrating for those wanting to plan their trips in advance,” reads the app’s description. “Now, meet the TaxiLater family: prebook your ride today.”

TaxiLater, created by Harvard student Joshua Meier, lets users pick the type of Uber, the pickup location and the time. Should there be surge pricing at the time of the ride, then the app will double check to ensure the user is still interested in the ride given the higher price.

"I'm not trying to build a company or monetize here," said Meier to Business Insider. "I'm just a student who loves coding, saw a problem/opportunity, and thought I could build something that would help people."

The one limitation of the app is that a ride is only confirmed when a driver accepts the request. So just because a user places a request through TaxiLater does not guarantee they will have a ride available at the preferred time. In terms of longevity, this app could quickly become obsolete should Uber create a pre-scheduling feature within its app.

In December 2015, Uber decided to allow third-party app developers to include a “Ride Request” button in their apps for free. In order to use the button, developers like TaxiLater have to register their app on the ride-hailing app’s website to access the code for the button.

TaxiLater only uses Uber as a ride source and payments are between Uber and the customer.

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