Tap Titans 2: Update v5.26 - Raid Card and Skill Tree Balancing Changes

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Tap Titans 2, the popular idle RPG developed by Game Hive, will receive Update v5.26 on February 14. The upcoming patch brings balancing changes to some raid cards and the skill tree.

Raid cards in Tap Titans 2 are things that provide damage boosts when attacking a Titan Lord. You can even create a three-card deck that allows you to deal the most amount of damage to the boss.

That said, certain raid cards have received much-needed buffs. Blazing Inferno’s base chance to gain Affliction stacks has increased from 5% to 10%. Additionally, the damage of Grasping Vines has increased by 2%, making it a potent card to use when dealing with a Titan Lord’s limbs.

Certain skills found on the skill tree have also been rebalanced. For example, Auric Shot’s “All Gold” bonus has been removed, but this is compensated by the increased Gold Gun damage.

Patch Notes

  • New Terrifying Pact Tier 5 Sorcerer Skill
    • All Gold bonus when Forbidden Contract is active
    • All Damage bonus when Royal Contract is active
    • -10 Titan Reduction bonus per level when any contract is active
  • New Skillful Trickster Legendary Set
    • +10% All Damage per Skill Point
    • x20 Jackpot Gold
  • Raid Season Card Boosts
    • During a Master Tier season, certain cards will get a boost in level for all Clan Raid attacks
    • Card boosts will be only available to players over Raid Level 50
    • Card levels will show as (Base Level + Boosted Level)
    • Boosted cards cannot exceed the regular level cap
  • Master Tier Season 3 Card Boosts
    • +20 levels to Celestial Static
    • +20 levels to Mirror Force
    • +10 levels to Rancid Gas
  • Acid Drench
    • +0.92% Damage
  • Celestial Static
    • +0.87% Damage
  • Chain of Vengeance
    • +1% Damage
  • Skeletal Smash
    • Base Damage increased +7.25%
    • Bonus Damage decreased by -12.61%
    • Overall damage will be roughly equal when a skeletal part is exposed
  • Removed Thriving Plague and Fusion Bomb from Grasping Vine decks in normal worlds
  • Removed Fragmentize and Razor Wind from Skull Bash/Crushing Instinct decks in burst worlds
  • Removed Fragmentize from Moon Beam/Crushing Instinct decks in burst worlds
  • Removed Fusion Bomb from Maelstrom/Rancid Gas decks in affliction worlds
  • Removed Fusion Bomb and Blazing Inferno from Maelstrom/Inspiring Force decks in affliction worlds
  • Anchoring Shot
    • Increased Clan Ship Splash Skip from +4 to +6 per level
  • Chivalric Order
    • Increased Tap Damage from Heroes Damage
  • Cleaving Strike
    • Increased Critical Damage
  • Forbidden Contract
    • Mana Cost per Second decreased at lower levels from 1 mana per second to 0.3-1 mana per second
    • Scaled All Damage bonus to match the new mana costs
  • Master Thief
    • Increased All Gold bonus
    • Removed Jackpot Gold bonus

Tap Titans 2 Update v5.26 launches on February 14 for Android and iOS.

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