Swords ‘N Magic And Stuff Launching To Steam Early Access On September 8

A new way to adventure.
A new way to adventure. Kindred Games

If you’re looking for an open world RPG that gives you some degree of freedom, then you should put Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff on your list. Unlike other games in the game genre, it boasts giving players complete freedom by letting them choose their destiny without any classes, levels, or restrictions. Swords 'n Magic and Stuff allows players to go solo or adventure with friends.

If you’re excited by this, you don't have much longer to wait. Swords 'n Magic and Stuff is scheduled to be released via Steam Early Access on September 8. Those who Wishlist the game right now can get it for $19.99, which is a 33% saving on the final price.

Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff started as a solo passion project for Kindred Games founder Michael Kocha. The game has been in development for four years and has had a successful Kickstarter campaign where it managed to meet all of the stretch goals.

The game is set in the open-world of Tirawyn and what the player does next is up to them. For one, they can go questing and hunt for hidden treasure or defeat some monsters. Players that aren’t ready to go against monsters, or just want to take their time, can choose a wide range of more gentle activities like working as a blacksmith or even tending the land. Indeed, Swords 'n Magic and Stuff boasts of offering players the freedom to experience things however they want.

While there’s no question that the freeform gameplay can be charming, even when played alone, the game can also be enjoyed better when going at it with friends. The multiplayer option in Swords 'n Magic and Stuff allows players to join in each other’s games at any point to form a party and go on amazing adventures together. There’s even an option for players to take their houses with them and can show off their collections.

Talking about Early Access, Swords 'n Magic and Stuff hopes to add more to Tirawyn in order to offer a world of near-endless possibilities. Indeed, there’s going to be a lot of new creatures, area, and quests, once Early Access is officially launched.

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