Party-Based RPG The Waylanders Gets A June 16 Early Access Release On PC Via Steam

A roadmap is expected to release after the Early Access launch.
The Waylanders gets a June 16 Early Access release date for PC.
The Waylanders gets a June 16 Early Access release date for PC. Gato Salvaje Studio

Developer Gato Salvaje Studio has just announced that their classic party-based role-playing title The Waylanders will be launching for PC via Steam Early Access on June 16. The game will retail for $34.99 with a temporary launch day 10% off discount. This news comes from the studio’s announcement during IGN’s Summer of Gaming 2020 live stream.

The developers at Gato Salvaje Studio have detailed what their plans for The Waylanders are and what players should expect, content and timeline wise. First off, The Waylanders is expected to be in Early Access until late 2020 to early 2021. Content-wise, the development team has specified that the full game will be divided into three acts, with its Early Access version launching on June 16, containing a part of the first act with more story content to be added in upcoming updates.

As for language support, The Waylanders will initially only support English, but Russian, Simplified Chinese, German, French and Spanish will be added in the final release. A couple of bugs are to be expected alongside missing content such as voices, cinematics, and dialogues for certain interactions. Lastly, the developers have confirmed that the combat system is more or less fully fleshed out, but more skills, advanced classes, combat mechanics, and balancing are still in order.

The Waylanders is an adventure RPG based on the likes of classics such as Dragon Age: Origins and Baldur’s Gate. Players are immersed in two worlds through the power of time travel; jumping in between the distinct eras of the Celtic and Medieval Ages. The game also boasts a robust character customization system with six basic and 30 advanced classes, along with five playable races from Celtic mythology. All of this is paired with the game’s choice-based system that means multiple endings. One decision made in a specific time period may mean unforeseen and sometimes dire consequences for the other. It also employs a companion system that will allow players to choose from a variety of traveling allies, form bonds, interact, and even experience romance with them.

The Waylanders will soon launch for PC via Steam Early Access on June 16.

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