Switch Exclusive Daemon X Machina Coming To Steam On February 14

Daemon X Machina PC
Daemon X Machina PC God Is A Geek

Deamon X Machina launched on Nintendo Switch last September, and is essentially is a fast-paced robot action shooter. Daemon X Machina's developer, Marvelous, has announced that the game's Nintendo exclusivity is coming to an end and PC gamers can grab the game from Steam starting next week.

To give you a rundown of the gameplay, Daemon X Machina casts players as robotic mercenaries that are employed by an organization called Orbital. These mercenaries are then let loose in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Players can slide and zoom across vibrant landscapes all while raining bolts on corrupted AIs, called Immortals.

Players can fully customize mechs with upgrades and weapons. You can even tinker around with player avatars and cosmetic enhancements.

The game has both co-op and multiplayer exploration modes. Once players reach a competitive streak, they will be able to go 1v1 or 2v2 against other players will similar ranks to climb the leaderboard.

While Daemon X Machina is coming to PC, Marvelous has stated that the PC release will offer visual upgrades, new customization options, and gamepad, keyboard, and mouse support. Players will also receive all content updates that were released on Switch, save some licensed Nintendo content.

The game will retail for $60 on Steam. However, you can pre-purchase it right now for only $48.

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