Surviving Mars: Latest Update Introduces New Automatic Bug Reporting System

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Surviving Mars is a game about building your own sci-fi city on the Red Planet - from getting some funding to managing your resources at all times. Because of how complex the game is, there are bound to be some bugs that may pop up from time to time. Hence, the developers felt the need to ditch the old in-game bug reporting tool in favor of a new automatic system in the latest update. This helps let them know what needs to be fixed without requiring user intervention.

Aside from a very useful automatic bug reporting system, there are plenty of bug fixes in this update as well. Game crashes that may result from loading old saved game data have been resolved.

Another major bug fixed is the Terraforming tech tree that may disappear or may look missing, especially when loading data from old saves. Now, you do not have to worry about this.

The developers have also made sure that they’ve addressed most bugs related to saved game data before this update.

While several things have been ironed out, there are still some known issues that may still persist. For instance, the devs have acknowledged that the limit for colonists being allowed through the elevator is substantially low. This may be addressed in a future patch. Also, game crashes may occur more frequently in some versions of Mac.

Patch Notes

  • The in-game bug reporting tool has been removed in favor of an automatic system
  • Playstation 4 and 5 now have Turkish translations
  • Fixed the game crash after loading a save game with invalidated drones
  • Fixed the game crash when a player selects the Rock Formation object on an old retail save
  • Fixed missing Terraforming tech tree in the old saves
  • Fixed the "Advanced Martian Engines" tech adding 20 fuel to Cargo Rockets
  • Fixed the “Transport Optimization” tech not adding extra cargo space
  • Fixed the description of the "Banner" mentioning Mars while on an asteroid map
  • Fixed the Cave of Wonders description
  • Fixed the Lander rocket disappearing when the “Rough Touchdown” event occurs
  • Improved feedback when the Asteroid Lander requires maintenance
  • Fixed ramps being instantly built
  • Fixed the progress bar of “Required Waste Rock” not changing while flattening
  • Fixed the problem when a fired worker immediately returns to work

Surviving Mars Update 1008107 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Mac, and PC.

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