Super Meat Boy Forever Coming to Xbox and PlayStation This Friday

Version for consoles almost here.
Version for consoles almost here. Team Meat

Super Meat Boy Forever announced that it’s finally coming to current-gen and next-gen consoles on April 16. It will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S for $19.99.

The game is a sequel to Super Meat Boy, released in 2010, and moves the Meat Boy story forward. Here, The Meat Boy has a child named Nugget with his partner Bandage Girl. It seems that Nugget has been kidnapped by Dr. Fetus. The two journey to rescue their kidnapped child and along the way meet new characters.

As a sequel, players can expect some changes. For one, Meat Boy has been doing some time in the gym and now packs a wallop. Combining this with some new slide and plummet moves results in some truly interesting gameplay.

In a statement, Team Meat co-founder and programmer Tommy Refenes said that it was indeed fun for Super Meat Boy to come back to Nintendo Switch. But he added that the return wouldn’t be complete without the console releases. Refenes continued that Super Meat Boy Forever isn’t a simple sequel but an evolved Meat Boy.

There’s no question that playing Super Meat Boy Forever is going to be fun. Team Meat revealed that what makes the new game even better is playing through it several times. Since levels are generated randomly, players can take on new ones each time.

Every time players complete a game, they’re immediately given the choice to replay it. If they decide to play the game again, they get a new experience not only with new levels but also with new secret locations. The team said that thousands of levels can be enjoyed in the game.

The series had its start in a 2008 flash game titled simply Meat Boy. The new version was then released in 2010 titled Super Meat Boy. Initially available on Xbox, it was later ported to other platforms including PC, PlayStation, Switch, and even Wii U.

Super Meat Boy Forever was released in December 2020 initially on Switch and PC.

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