Super Mario 3D All-Stars Runs On Emulators

Super Mario 3D All Stars
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Although Super Mario 3D All-Stars is just a day away from launch, the game's copies have already leaked online, letting players find out how the three Mario classics were ported to the Switch.

Copies of Super Mario 3D All-Stars have already leaked online and dataminers have discovered that the collection of games will be running on emulators. Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy will be using an emulator that is capable of running Wii and Gamecube games. Super Mario 64 also seems to be using an emulator, but the origin of the emulator is unclear.

If this is actually the case, then there is a high chance that none of the games in the collection have been reworked all that much. That said, Super Mario 64 did receive minor character enhancements, making every character look sharper in comparison to the original game. Super Mario Galaxy has also received some significant control changes, enabling players to either play the game using the Joy-cons on a TV or in portable mode using the touch screen.

Fans have been skeptical about the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection since it was announced. Even though many fans are excited that the collection includes Mario's previous 3D adventures, some fans are upset since the collection does not include Super Mario Galaxy 2, which many consider being one of the best Mario games in the franchise. The game was not even a part of the montage that Nintendo used during the reveal to celebrate Mario's gaming history, leading fans to wonder as to why Nintendo would neglect the popular title.

Furthermore, fans are also skeptical as to why the collection is available only for a limited time. Nintendo announced that physical and digital copies of Super Mario 3D All-Stars will only be available for purchase until March 2021. Understandably, physical copies of the game can be limited, but putting limitations on a digital product has led many fans to speculate that Nintendo may sell each of these games in the collection separately after the limited-time period.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is launching for Nintendo Switch on September 18.

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