Super Galaxy Ball December 7 Update: New Game Mode and Bug Fixes

Super Galaxy Ball December 7 Update
Super Galaxy Ball December 7 Update Steam

Super Galaxy Ball received a new update that introduced the new game mode Portal Run. Several bugs have also been resolved in this update.

Portal Run

Developers have introduced the new single-player game mode Portal Run where the main goal is to clear all sections as soon as possible. However, the sections are playable in random order. Players can create a Portal Run playlist with any levels, campaign or custom. Also, Portal Run includes two new achievements which can unlock new skins.

Other Changes

The latest update introduced some other changes as well. Now, players’ timer automatically starts after 10 seconds or when movement input is detected. In addition to that, new options for springs, speed boosts, fans, and pinballs are available to add spin, besides velocity.

Super Galaxy Ball December 7 Update

Quality of Life Improvements
  • Players spawn direction is no based on startZone direction.
  • Spring now adds speed to objects relative to its up direction.
  • Disabled fan sounds when not in game.
  • Added light up animation to spring to help identify the up direction.
  • Made loading levels much faster.
  • Editor now highlights objects that are being hovered over.
  • Added option to select any campaign level as a template for a new level in level editor.
  • The player in the level editor now spawns facing the startZone.
  • Added option to disable cursor hiding while in game.
  • Added option to rotate camera with arrow keys.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug when grappling to an object that resets position the grapple would stay connected instead of ending.
  • Fixed bug where objectRotate wasn't setting and resetting rotation properly.
  • Fixed bug where some objects would experience angular drag.
  • Fixed bug where levelEditor could interact with trailColliders (which are used to create player trails).
  • Fixed bug where level finish ui would show in editor play mode.
  • Fixed bug where game would glitch if trying to enter play mode without a startZone.
Planned Future Updates
  • Leaderboards for campaign levels.
  • Uploading/downloading levels on steam workshop.
  • Multiplayer versus mode.
  • More game mechanics and campaign levels.

You can read more about Super Galaxy Ball December 7 Update here.

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