Sunkenland Gives Sneak Peek on Upcoming New Content and Features

See what's being planned. Vector3 Studio

Vector3 Studio released a new video which gave a preview on the future content arriving soon to Sunkenland. The test version for the new content have already been published and once that's done, it's going to be uploaded to the public test build. Once everything has been decided to be good, it's then going to be published to the main build. The new content is expected to be released within January 2024.

One of the new features to be introduced are the dedicated servers that's going to be added. All players need to do what this feature goes live is to download the free tool and then set up their very own dedicated server. Players can also look forward to the new gun assembly system where players can recycle broken guns to obtain different components that include barrels, magazines, and stocks. These can then be used to assemble new firearms. The studio did say that while this upcoming feature is indeed exciting, it's going to be experimental for now but is expected to evolve in the future.

It goes without saying that releasing alongside this new content is an update which improves the balance of the game. In a post, the studio revealed that they've been working on rebalancing the overall progression of the game to make it smoother.

Before moving on, you can watch the new video released below:

There's also going to be an improvement on the Underwater Biomes. With this, players can explore the underwater world and experience more visually distinct biomes. An example of this is the new volcano region which not only provides valuable materials for players to collect but also offer a rather unique visual experience.

Other new content and changes include:

  • New Items
    • A range of new items added that include:
      • large scuba air tanks
      • fishing nets
      • batteries
      • gun display boards
      • portable repair tools
      • bird-catching net
  • New Building Structures
    • New structures added like:
      • roofs
      • triangular walls
      • hall walls
      • diagonal walls
  • Updated Missions
    • Several missions added, mostly of which are focused on combat.
    • This ensures that the action is kept going.
  • Balanced Economy
    • All prices and item stack sizes have been revisited.
    • Changes made to make sure that the in-game economy is fair and balanced.
  • Weapon and Enemy Adjustments
    • Look forward to changes made to weapon damage, enemy damage, and health.
    • All of these for a more engaging gameplay experience.

Which new content or feature are you most excited about? Sunkenland is available for the PC via Steam. It's currently being offered at 20% off until January 5.

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