STUFFED: Content Update 2 Introduces Ultimates and Improved Procedural System

STUFFED Twitter/@TheWavingBears

STUFFED is a first-person shooter where you play as a cute and lovable teddy bear. The game is set inside the dreams of a little girl and your mission is to defend her against hordes of nightmares. You don’t have to do it alone though, because you can play with up to four people via online co-op.

Recently, Content Update 2 was released that brought exciting new abilities to STUFFED; ultimates are rare abilities that can be picked up and saved for later use. There are currently two ultimate abilities that can be dropped by enemies.

The first is called Real Bear, and activating this turns you from a cute bear into a giant grizzly. What’s cool about this is that you’ll be invisible, and you can easily dispose of the enemy by unleashing a powerful attack.

Chest Burst is the second ultimate added in Content Update 2. This is a very good ability when you’re surrounded by enemies. That’s because using this will send a wave of energy, causing devastating damage to the nightmares in the vicinity.

"Real Bear" Ultimate
"Real Bear" Ultimate Twitter/@TheWavingBears

Aside from the Ultimates, the recent update also improved the game’s procedural system. Previously, the generator would create a map by picking from a selection of premade rooms and connecting them together. This resulted in some unusual and confusing layouts that are difficult to navigate through.

In this patch, instead of choosing from a selection of premade rooms, the generator now picks from an assortment of premade floor levels. The environment artist for the game has also pre-designed the room placements on those floors, making them look more realistic.

Here are the other highlights of this patch:

  • Added third-person attack animations to Player Character
  • New culling system. This will save on rendering performance and makes an increase in frame rate
  • Added new props to some rooms
  • When another player joins an online lobby, their bear outfit and fur now show in the Main Menu
  • Added DualSense to controller options
  • Added damage falloff to explosive damage
  • Added unicorn skin
  • Reduced local file size from 11 GB to 5 GB
  • Changed the revive interaction to say Hold instead of Press
  • Added bonus XP for headshots
  • Player now gets more XP for shadow monster and shark kills
  • Added a cooldown to the ping system
  • Downed players now get shown the revive progress UI when another player is reviving them in online horde
  • New Rig and Animations for enemies to Improve performance
  • Changed new night generating screen
  • Fixed issue where lights would flicker on and off
  • Fixed issue with Third Person Camera not rendering certain layers
  • Fixed a bug where key rebinding wasn't working for controllers

The full changelog can be found on Steam.

STUFFED is available on PC.

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