Stronghold: Warlords Rise of the Shogun DLC Now Available

Stronghold: Warlords Rise of the Shogun
Stronghold: Warlords Rise of the Shogun Steam

The Rise of the Shogun DLC for Stronghold: Warlords is now available. On top of that, the base game has received a free patch in Update 1.9, which introduces the new Minamoto no Yoritomo AI opponent, three skirmish maps, and new achievements.

Those who buy the DLC, priced at $4.99, will also receive six missions in the Historical Campaign, two new warlords, and new achievements.

The New Warlords

Master of deception and stealth, the Snake Warlord specializes in medieval espionage. The warlord has a unique perk that boosts the attack power of ninjas - allowing you to strike your opponents down without arousing suspicion.

In addition, the Snake Warlord can send Ballistic Siege weapons and Fire Oxen that will make quick work of any enemy fortification you want to take down.

The other commander introduced in the Rise of the Shogun is the Grasshopper Warlord. This warlord can cripple the enemy’s economy while boosting your own. He has the power to summon warrior monk relief forces and large tribal armies.

His special perk allows him to boost the Spirit of your peasants by providing them with enough nourishment. While not as devious as the Snake, this warlord is still someone you do not want to mess with.

Update 1.9 Highlights

File Size: 644 MB
  • Added Minamoto no Yoritomo AI Lord
  • Added 3 new Skirmish maps
    • Forest Clearing: Rival lords peer through the thick trees to see the clearing in front of them, only to discover the dangers they must prepare for
    • Winding Path: Three lords battle to hold strategic positions. Who will make the right calls at the right times and emerge victorious?
    • Open Borders: Each Lord will need to build their castle well, as the lack of hard borders will require a fully fortified defense. Two Lords sit above the other four, but fate will decide if this is an advantage or not
  • Added option to Have No Warlord in Skirmish/Multiplayer games
    • Click on a Warlord on the minimap and select the No Warlord option to not spawn a Warlord in that estate
  • Added Custom Troop limit in Skirmish lobby
    • In Advanced Options, users can now select a total troop limit of 500, 600, 800. or 1000
  • Fixed an issue where a Warlord relief force could cause a crash in specific circumstances
  • Fixed Spirit tooltips to report information in a more understandable manner
  • Prevented Ninjas displacing each other when climbing up or down walls
  • Fixed a bug with AI clans which could cause them to move very far around obstacles to reach a target
  • AI melee troops are now much harder to distract when attacking walls
  • Skirmish AI will now sell surplus gunpowder and build more gunpowder workshops

Stronghold: Warlords Rise of the Shogun DLC is now available on PC.

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