‘Street Fighter V’ Season 2 Patch Notes: Character Changes And Rage Quit System Detailed

Akuma comes to 'Street Fighter V' in Season 2
Akuma comes to 'Street Fighter V' in Season 2 Capcom

Season 2 of Street Fighter V begins Dec. 20 and Capcom is bringing loads of new content and updates to keep one of the best fighting experiences of 2016 fresh and new into next year.

Capcom revealed that the first update comes in the form of holiday costumes and a holiday-themed layout for one of the already existing levels, which ties into the season, and an update to the rage quit system that punishes players who purposely disconnect from fights.

But there are other changes to Street Fighter V coming with the new patch including minor stuff like being able to choose your background music during fights and more substantial updates like Direct Input Controls for Street Fighter V on Steam.

However, the character balances coming to Street Fighter V are what players are looking for and there are a TON of changes coming to all fighters. Capcom has uploaded a handy pdf for players to download.

There’s a lot to digest in that Street Fighter V pdf but it’s worth seeing how your specific character has changed in the new patch.

If you want an idea of the changes coming to characters in Street Fighter V, take a look at some examples below. And when you’re done let us know how much your character has changed in the comments section.


  • Ryu can now V-Trigger cancel the second hit of the Jodan Sanrengeki as well as special cancel his standing HP during V-Trigger, ultimately widening the moveset that can be used during footsies.


  • Ken's airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku parameters have been adjusted as the attack was quite strong. Although that may have weakened him in the air slightly, we made it so the Lion Breaker can be cancelled into his V-Skill, allowing Ken the ability to land high damage on the ground depending on the situation.


  • Chun-Li's special moves such as Hyakuretsukyaku (both grounded and airborne) and Kikoken have been revised, and adjustments to advantageous parameters have been made. The duration of her V-Trigger has been shortened, but V-gauge is easier to fill up as she now has additional attacks from V-Skill and increased combo potential. Additionally, her new special move cancels have given her a wider range of attack variety.

M. Bison

  • Adjustments have been made to Psycho Reflect, where the player now gets to choose when they want to shoot the projectile received from absorbing an attack or projectile. Additionally, EX Psycho Blast range has been increased, allowing it to reach the edge of the screen, providing more options for attack. Hit invincibility has been added to EX Head Press during V-Trigger, giving him some defensive buffs as well.


  • Moves that were used frequently during footsies have been adjusted. Advantages on Side Knee Attack and Sonic Boom have been adjusted and a new target combo that includes Bullet Clear has been added to give him the ability to go on the offensive while in close range.
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