Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Now on PC

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Get your copy now. Square Enix

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is now out on PC through Steam. The game offers a bold and new vision to the Final Fantasy franchise which can be enjoyed by existing fans and new players. This title is made possible through a collaboration between Square Enix and KOEI TECMO.

The game is set in Cornelia, a land covered in darkness. Here, Hack and his allies go on a journey in hopes of defeating Chaos. Each member of the group thinks only of defeating Chaos as they beat one monster after another. While they are thought to be the saviors of Cornelia, the crystals they have that help them on their journey are black in color.

Game Features

The game offers side missions on top of the main story. Co-op is available for up to three players through online multiplayer mode. In this mode, equipment and other items drop for each to loot individually.​

These are also difficulty modes which allow players to match their playstyle:

  • Hard
    • For players who are skilled at action games and want thrilling battles.
  • Action
    • For players who are accustomed to action games and provide moderately challenging battles.
  • Story
    • For players who don’t usually play action games but still want to enjoy battles and the story.
    • Making things even easier is the Casual mode.

Other game features:

  • The different weapons determine the job of the character when equipped.
    • Get new abilities and jobs through a character enhancement system called the Job Tree.​
  • Players can go through a wide range of jobs and choose two which they can switch during battle.
    • Using magic spells is also another effective strategy.​
  • Prepare for battle by acquiring and equipping more powerful gear.
    • Collect various weapons from treasure chests or by defeating enemies.
  • Each boss has its own unique movements.
    • Identifying the enemy’s swift moves and effectively utilizing soul shield and various abilities.

Season Pass

For those who want to have more than the base game, a Season Pass is available which gives them access to these expansions:

  • Trials of the Dragon King
    • Jack and his allies must face new challenges as this expansion features:
      • Bahamut, the king that rules over dragonkind.
      • Warrior of Light, who fights to restore light to the crystals and save the world.
  • Wanderer of the Rift
    • The story continues the one started in Trials of the Dragon King.
    • This time, Jack and his allies fight against Gilgamesh, the dimension traveling character from the series.
  • Different Future
    • Jack and company are guided by the spirit of a moogle to reach a city in an alternate time and space to face one last challenge.
    • This concludes the Stranger of Paradise storyline.

Get Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin on Steam now.

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