Stoneshard Patch New Content and Loot Generation Changes

Stoneshard Steam

Stoneshard is a turn-based RPG that takes place in an open-world setting. The developers released an update for its Year Two Anniversary. Patch adds a survival tree with 10 new abilities and more.

New Content

The developers have added Bedroll, a consumable item. This allows players to create a temporary spot outside dungeons to take a rest and save their progress. These save spots can be used to prevent the loss of items if they mess up in the dungeons.

Loot Generation

The developers have made a small change to loot generation in this update. Previously, the loot was generated each time the player opened a container. Now, the loot generation will take place when the world is first created.

Stoneshard Patch

  • Added new gear: Pot Helmet, Visored Pot Helmet, War Hat, Baron Sabatons, Levy Bow, Curved Bow, Brotherhood of Ouroboros' Shield (unique), Shield of the Truth's Eternal Sun (unique).
  • Added new abilities to some animals: Howl, Pack Sense, Dying Rage, Ramming Charge.
  • Discovering new locations now grants 100 XP.
  • Hands Efficiency can now exceed 100% when using a two-handed weapon.
  • Removed the basic Intoxication decay. Instead, Intoxication is reduced by expending Immunity.
  • Immunity over 100% will now gradually decrease down to the 100% threshold.
  • General resistances are now properly factored into locational resistances and are displayed correctly in the character’s menu.
  • New effect type: Lingering. Lingering effects don't count as Physical, Mental, or Magical.
  • The Osbrook’s sergeant now provides arrows or bolts when asked for a bow or a crossbow respectively.
  • Increased the base price for most pelts.
  • Reduced the spawn chance for leeches. Leeches can no longer spawn in seawater.
  • Map tiles with rivers can now spawn wild ducks.
  • Added willow trees to river banks.
  • It’s now possible to gather sticks in the woods and use them to start fires.
  • Made it possible to catch butterflies.
  • Added new achievements.
  • Improved optimization.
Tweaked Sleep Effects in Different Locations
  • Tavern: 100% Restoration effectiveness, replenishes Psyche, grants Vigor.
  • Bedroll: 50% Restoration effectiveness (100% with “Make a Halt” skill), doesn’t replenish Psyche, doesn’t grant Vigor.
  • Camp: 50% Restoration effectiveness (100% with “Make a Halt” skill), doesn’t replenish Psyche, doesn’t grant Vigor.
  • Leprosarium: 100% Restoration effectiveness, damages Psyche, doesn’t grant Vigor.
  • The Watchtower Tavern (Brynn): 125% Psyche replenishment.

You can read more about the update here.

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