Stoneshard: Forgotten Lore Update Brings the Next Stage of the Main Quest and New Fatigue System

Forgotten Lore Update
Forgotten Lore Update Steam

Patch 0.8 for the 2D turn-based RPG Stoneshard is now available. Also known as the Forgotten Lore Update, this brings the next stage of the main quest called “Gwynnel’s Answers,” which wraps up the intro sequence and prepares you for the sandbox portion of the game.

The Forgotten Lore Update adds Brynn to Stoneshard as well. This place is home to the following:

  • House of the Azure Thread
  • Bank
  • Golden Grain Inn
  • Cathedral
  • University
  • Printing House
  • Alchemical Emporium of Curious Goods
  • Dockside Store
  • Close Harbor Tavern
  • Fence’s Hideout

Each new location has some characters of importance that may play a crucial role in advancing the main story.

In addition, the Forgotten Lore Update introduces the new Fatigue system, where using your abilities and performing various actions will generate Fatigue. The more of this you have, the lower your max energy will be. The good news is that you can keep Fatigue under control by getting regular sleep, eating quality food, and using specific consumables.

Here are some of the major changes implemented in this patch:

  • New Magic School: Electromancy
  • New Ability Tree: Magic Mastery
  • Changes to the Sleep System
    • The character can now only sleep for a limited amount of time that depends on how long they spend awake and their Fatigue.
  • Changes to the Magic System
    • Added several new magic-related stats and a Backfire mechanic that causes reckless mages to take damage from their own spells.
  • New Loot Type: Folios
    • 11 unique books that provide information about the game’s lore and grant some experience when read for the first time.
  • New Items
    • 1 new sword, 7 new necklaces (including a unique one), 3 new artifacts, 12 new valuables, crabs, crab meat, and shells.
  • New Biome: Seashore
  • New camp types.
  • Changed Jonna’s starting Affinities: instead of Daggers and Dual Wielding, she now has access to Electromancy and Magic mastery. Also changed her starting inventory and unique traits.
  • Added a system that lets time pass in locations even if the character isn’t present there.
  • Damage Reflection now returns damage before the application of Protection and Resistances.
  • Added Armor Penetration to the majority of spells.
  • Armor Penetration gained from Perception now also applies to spells.
  • Changes to the Curses mechanic. Removed Curses of Goldhoarder and Loudmouth from the game.
  • Reduced the distances between settlements and dungeons.
  • Reduced spawn rates for the Brigands and Wolves you meet in the wilderness.
  • Max Health no longer increases with level.
  • Major buffs to most 5+ lvl enemies to improve scaling of mid and late-game content.
  • Increased the difficulty of Brynn and distant dungeons.
  • Reduced the impact of Willpower on Cooldowns Duration and Abilities Energy Cost.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Stoneshard is available on PC.

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