Still There Announcement Trailer For Switch And PC Released

The sci-fi psychological thriller is now available to wishlist on Steam.
Publisher Iceberg Interactive released an announcement trailer for Still There, due out for the Switch and PC this November.
Publisher Iceberg Interactive released an announcement trailer for Still There, due out for the Switch and PC this November. Iceberg Interactive

Upcoming science fiction psychological adventure game Still There has just received an announcement trailer for its release on the Nintendo Switch and the PC. The trailer comes care of publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer GhostShark Games.

Still There is a narrative driven adventure game set in the Bento space lighthouse, far away from Earth. You play as Karl, a caretaker of the lighthouse owned by BRANE Co. located in the mostly uncharted sector D42-W81. The game’s Steam page offers a tongue-in-cheek description of the job, here is a brief excerpt from it:

Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Operational checks
  • General maintenance, fixing eventual malfunctions
  • Periodical radio beacon transmissions
  • Collection of data from outer space
  • Looking after the station's tuatara
  • Radio/navigational assistance to nearby spaceships
  • Experimental drug trials (it's all good, trust us)

Pegged as a psychological adventure game, Still There still has not divulged what its essential plot elements are. From its very brief trailer, we can assume that your player character took the job to escape from something. The plot is moved forward by the untimely message you receive from your wife, or someone I assume is your wife at least. Details are revealed, such as you taking the job 20 consecutive years in a row, and you being a father. The end of the trailer ends with a cryptic statement: “How far is far enough?”

The gameplay mostly revolves around the most menial tasks that are expected from a space lighthouse keeper, such as maintaining the place. Through a bunch of puzzles, emergency situations, and conversations with Gorky, your AI companion, the story is unraveled and we are brought closer to Karl’s past and what made him stay in the lighthouse all these years.

In a press release, developer GhostShark Games had this to say about their title: “Still There is our passion project for many reasons: it’s experimental, it’s something we truly wanted to do that contains many of our rather different perspectives, it’s weird, sarcastic, dark, metaphysical, it has a complex analytical approach to puzzles, and it brims with strong emotions, humor, and things that might break your heart.”

Still There will launch in November 2019 for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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