'Stellaris' Utopia DLC Gets First Trailer; Will Introduce New Buildings And Perks

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Stellaris Photo: Paradox Interactive

The first teaser trailer for a new Stellaris expansion debuted on Thursday, confirming a new wave of content will soon be headed to the beloved 4X title, but there sure isn’t much hard information in the Stellaris: Utopia trailer that Paradox Interactive published this week.

According to Paradox, Utopia offers the most significant changes to Stellaris’ core gameplay since the game was released in May 2016. In fact, the publisher calls it the game’s “first major expansion” and has already outlined much grander changes than we’ve seen in previous Stellaris add-ons, like the Leviathans story DLC or the Plantoids species pack. The biggest change (both literally and figuratively) will be the player’s newfound ability to assemble truly enormous space stations, called megastructures, including Dyson spheres and ring worlds.

The next Stellaris expansion also introduces a new set of perks, called Traditions, that Paradox says “will ease your species’ expansion across the stars.” Traditions will be enabled/adopted through the use of Unity points; however, we don’t currently have any information on how that particularly currency will be collected. Players will also be given more microscopic control over how the rights and policies of their empire are applied across its populace.

For a sneak peek at Stellaris’ upcoming Utopia DLC, take a minute to watch the first teaser from Paradox Interactive. Head down to the comments and let us know if you’re still playing Stellaris with any regularity and/or what you’d like to see in Utopia.

Stellaris is currently available on PC, Mac and Linux. The game’s next expansion, Utopia, does not yet have a release date.

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