‘Stellaris’ Update News: Paradox Really Can Fix The Mid-Game

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Stellaris - Trade View
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Stellaris, Paradox Interactive’s new grand strategy game set in outer space, came out earlier this month, and has already become the company’s fastest-selling title ever. The game has captivated players who want Paradox’s commitment to detail and unique systems translated from real history into outer space. In many ways, the game delivers. But the game’s reviews, although largely positive, are consistent: The mid-game in Stellaris is very slow, and diplomacy isn’t exciting enough. Luckily for us, Paradox has said it will fix these things over time. And the company really has fixed its own games before. Paradox is up to the challenge.

Paradox Will Fix What’s Broken With Stellaris

The reviews of Stellaris agree that the game is very fun in the early game – the initial colonization of the galaxy phase up through the point when galactic borders start to firm up between the burgeoning empires. And the endgame is supposed to be great too, featuring unusual events like robot uprisings and extragalactic invasions. But the mid-game is a slog: There isn’t enough to do. In large part, that’s because the AI isn’t wildly aggressive, and diplomacy doesn’t give a ton of options.

Luckily for us, Stellaris will continue to evolve. Paradox games tend to have a very long lifecycle. Crusader Kings 2, which the company released in 2012, just got a major new DLC this spring that dramatically changed a lot of the game’s features. Europa Universalis IV, the company’s newest flagship game before Stellaris, is still getting major expansion packs too. These aren’t just cosmetic DLC packs; they add major new functionality and content. And here’s a critical part—most of that content is usually released for free as a patch.

Paradox has heard the reviews on Stellaris. The company has detailed its plan for the game’s patches and initial DLC in a long blog post. Paradox knows now, if it didn’t before, that the mid-game is bogging people down. The company is already working on a major content patch to address some of these issues. Think of Paradox like CD Projekt Red, the developers of The Witcher 3, who released a good dozen or so major patches adding extra content and overhauling broken systems like the inventory before ever getting around to paid DLC. This is Paradox’s M.O. as well.

Stellaris is worth playing even as it is right now, especially for those of us who love Paradox games. The company has already confirmed it will make the game better. And it has a solid track record for it. Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 3 and Europa Universalis 4 are all far better than they were at first launch. If Paradox says they can make Stellaris as good as we want it to be, we should believe them.

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