Stellaris Update 3.4.4 Improvements and Bug Fixes

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Stellaris recently received an update that made several game improvements and bug fixes.

Automated Exploration and Research

In this update, automated exploration and research are available from the start of the game. These options were originally tech-locked, requiring players to do related tasks manually. So, the change should let players automate exploration and research while doing other things.

New Construction Mode

That’s not the end of automation in the game. Construction Ships can now be done via automated construction mode to build Research and Mining Station over deposits. However, there's a limitation as it won't automatically build Observation Stations, Hyper Relays, and other constructions.

Stellaris Update 3.4.4

  • Imperial Fiefdom changes
  • The Imperial Fiefdom overlord is now barred from terms that allow it to join offensive wars of their subjects.
  • Every member of the empire that does not start with the overlord nearby will start with a small overlord colony/outpost in the vicinity.
  • The overlord's empire will be connected by "Derelict Gateways" that the overlord can use, but which become ruined once the civil war starts
  • Changed it so players can remain loyal to the overlord when the civil war begins if they so wish. The AI will always go independent.
  • Added Hydroponics Station designation for habitats. This designation removes 2 housing from Habitation Districts in exchange for adding 1 farmer jobs.
  • Planetary automation will now seek to clear blockers as soon as there is any need. It now uses the same formula as the indicator on the outliner: i.e. if it is limiting the number of districts OR if there are buildings that could be built by clearing the blockers OR if planet growth speed is reduced
  • Made some clarifications for the Shroudwalkers, so it is clearer what asset you are getting from them and how the planet modifier works.
  • Criminal pops no longer reduce the efficiency of criminal syndicate branch offices.
  • Added Quantum Catapult event art.
  • Added Hyper Relay event art image.
  • New Overlord music track will now play in the main menu
  • Empires created by releasing sectors or from status quo peace deals now have some starting resources to not immediately suffer deficits.
  • Clarified that Subjugation War Terms only apply to Vassals and Subsidiaries.

You can read more about the update here.

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