Static Shock Creator Denys Cowan Teases Milestone TV Show Or Movie

Fans have been calling for Static Shock's return to TV since the animated series ended in 2004.
Fans have been calling for Static Shock's return to TV since the animated series ended in 2004. WB

Milestone announced its return to DC Comics at New York Comic Con but there could be more in store for the characters than previously thought. Denys Cowan, who is writing the new Static Shock series with Reginald Hudlin (art by Kyle Baker) told Player.One at the ‘DC In DC’ event there is talk of bringing Milestone characters to TV or film.

“There is talk about doing some things,” Cowan said regarding Earth-M and Milestone characters specifically. “I mean we are all gathered here in this magical gathering, so it will be interesting to see what can come out of that also, but we're definitely thinking about something.”

When asked about if he’s more interested in TV or film, Cowan clarified, “Both.” He also shared his opinion on fans calling for Static Shock to appear in The CW’s upcoming Black Lightning TV series.

“I think if Black Lightning is a big success, which it should be because it’s going to be great, I think the chances that there will be a demand for more stuff like that will increase. So we'll see about how the Milestone characters are brought into that kind of world on TV and movies. But let’s see how Black Lightning does.”

Static is a main character in YJ Season 3.
Static is a main character in YJ Season 3. WB

Black Lightning and Static Shock are two completely different characters, but many fans are nostalgic about heroes with electromagnetic powers due to the impact of the Static Shock animated series on Kids WB in the early 2000’s. There was a point Jaden Smith was rumored to star as Static in a live action TV show or movie, but Black Lightning will beat Static to it, at least in the live-action TV universe.

We last saw Static in Young Justice Season 2 where Black Lightning actually ends up as his mentor. Both characters are also slated to appear in the upcoming Young Justice Season 3 set to debut on DC’s brand new streaming service sometime in late 2018. It’s likely we could see the Static Shock comic book before then. While Cowan didn’t specify a release window, he did give an update on the status of the art. At NYCC, Hudlin revealed he’d already written 140 pages.

“We finally got some pages in, 30 of them two days ago, and they are so great,” Cowan said. “It’s everything you’re thinking they are.”

Follow this link for more on Milestone’s upcoming titles, including Milestone #1 with Icon and Rocket, Duo, Love Army, Static, and Earth-M. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments.

Static was a creation by Milestone founders Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis and Derek Dingle in 1993, initially written by McDuffie and Robert L. Washington III with art by John Paul Leon. Black Lightning was created by Tony Isabella with art by Trevor Von Eeden in 1977.

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