Starship Troopers: Mutated Sands Update Rebalances Several Weapons

Mutated Sands Update Offworld Industries

A pretty sizable patch for Starship Troopers: Extermination has dropped recently and it contains heaps of weapon balancing adjustments. One of the weapons rebalanced in the Mutated Sands update is the Morita MK3 SAW.

The Morita MK3 SAW is a machine gun in Starship Troopers: Extermination, best known for its large ammo capacity and its ability to stagger the Arachnids. While it has good stats on paper, this weapon just doesn't feel right when used in a real fight. According to some players, the MK3 SAW has insane recoil and poor accuracy. But the most glaring issue is that this weapon doesn't have the stopping power that its stat sheet would imply.

Fortunately, the developers addressed those issues in this patch:

  • Decreased Damage
    • Developer Note: This change still results in an overall buff to the weapon from its other adjustments.
  • Decreased damage dropoff to optimize for short-to-mid range combat. (Community Sourced)
  • Increased rounds per mag to 200 (from 150). (Community Sourced)
  • Increased magazine carry capacity to 3 (from 2). (Community Sourced)
  • Updated ADS to use iron sights.
  • Greatly reduced horizontal recoil while hipfiring.
  • Reduced vertical recoil while hipfiring.
  • Reduced bullet spread while crouching or aiming down sight (ADS).
  • Increased bullet spread while moving or standing.

The Morita MK3 SAW is not the only weapon buffed in Mutated Sands. The TW-109-E Emancipator pistol has its fire rate increased, though players would have to fire in short bursts as bullet spread increases the longer the trigger is held. Another pistol called the TW-101-S Peacemaker has its damage increased as well.

Here are the other weapon balancing adjustments:

  • Morita MK1
    • Increased damage.
    • Decreased damage dropoff to optimize for mid-to-long range combat.
    • Reduced initial bullet spread.
    • Increased bullet spread gain while hipfiring.
    • Increased bullet spread recovery rate.
  • TW-202-L Morita Hawkeye
    • Decreased damage.
    • Decreased rate of fire.
    • Increased bullet spread while moving or hipfiring.
    • Decreased spread and deviation while crouched or aiming down sight (ADS).
    • Increased bullet velocity for more accuracy at range.
    • Bullet trajectory now lines up with the reticle correctly.
  • TW-109-E Emancipator
    • Decreased initial bullet spread.
    • Decreased damage dropoff to optimize for mid-to-long range combat.
    • Increased recoil.
      • Developer Note: And we updated the firing animation to match!
  • TW-101-S Peacemaker
    • Slightly increased range.
    • Reduced stagger.
    • Reduced initial bullet spread.
      • Developer Note: Spread will increase with continuous firing.
  • Morita MK1 Carbine
    • Reduced damage.
      • Developer Note: Still kills faster than Morita MK1 at close range.
    • Decreased damage falloff to optimize for short-to-mid range combat.
    • Increased initial bullet spread but rapidly reaches max bullet spread even while moving.
      • Developer Note: Now good for hipfiring and while on the move.
  • C-32 Chi-Hong Grenade Launcher
    • Now applies stun effect to Bugs.
    • Increased crosshair utility and accuracy. (Community Sourced)
      • Developer Note: The crosshair should now by default be sighted for 20m range with each bar below counting for an additional 5m.
    • Increased projectile velocity. (Community Sourced)
    • Increased minimum spread while hipfiring.

So, what can you say about the newly buffed Morita MK3 SAW in Starship Troopers: Extermination Mutated Sands update?

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