Starbase: Update 8.2.2022 Adds Ship Repair Terminals and Improves Station Build Mode

FrozenByte officially annouces Starbase, set to enter Steam Early Access soon.
FrozenByte officially annouces Starbase, set to enter Steam Early Access soon. FrozenByte

Starbase has received a massive update recently that added tons of new stuff, including ship repair terminals and improvements to Station Build Mode.

Fix Broken Ships

Ship repair terminals are now available in the Ship Designer Halls. Whenever you want to repair a broken ship, just head over to the ship area and it will then show you the total repair costs. If you are ok with the price, the ship will then be repaired over a while. How long it takes depends on the extent of the damage.

It is important to note that only one ship can be repaired at a time. Furthermore, anything that is not part of the ship’s original design, such as items inside the cargo, will automatically be moved to storage. If your storage is full, the items are deleted instead. Do not worry as there is a confirmation message telling you if this is the case.


There are a lot of improvements introduced in the latest update. However, the changes to the Station Build Mode are so good that they deserve a special mention.

First, selecting a station single piece or a module from the quickbar now turns Build Mode on automatically. Besides that, it is now possible to build long lines of modules. This is done by holding down the placement key or by moving the cursor in cursor mode.

Additionally, welding single items to stations is now disabled. Instead, single items now use the automatic welding feature upon placement, similar to other modules.


  • All inventory windows can now be opened by pressing I
    • New keybind options for the new inventory windows can be found in Settings > Controls > Menu
    • The old inventory is still available, but it doesn’t have a keybind by default. You can head to Settings> Controls> Menu > Old inventory if you want to revert back to the original
  • Reworked Rotation System
    • The rotation system in-universe now has similar controls to Easy Build Mode to unify the control schemes more. The rotation system uses 15-degree increments
    • The controls are visible on a controls HUD element that can be minimized if needed
    • Two methods of scroll rotation: you can toggle between horizontal rotation according to player or object orientation
    • The orientation of the last 5 placed single items and modules is remembered and used when another copy is taken in hand
  • Rotations of modules are now remembered relative to station rotation
  • Added bolting sounds for Easy Build Mode autobolting
  • Interaction is now prevented while carrying anything
  • Players can now resign their access to operated ships
  • Added Ship Rename button
  • Paint Tool
    • Paint Tool now has a layer mode to select painting/resetting the base color or tint color. Can be selected with Mouse Wheel (default bind)

There are still a lot of changes introduced in Update 8.2.2022 (EA Build 789). You can head to the game’s official Steam page to learn more.

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