'Star Wars: Rogue One' Actor Says Don't Worry About Reshoots, It's Just 'Final Polishing'

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A Deathtrooper in 'Star Wars: Rogue One' Disney

The Star Wars: Rogue One saga continues. After last week’s reports of extensive reshoots, panic began to spread around the entertainment community as fear of Star Wars’ first-ever spin-off movie began to take root. We’ve heard as much as HALF of Rogue One is set to undergo reshoots, which would certainly have a damaging impact on the film’s release date and box office return. Rumors will be rumors, however, and apparently there’s nothing to worry about, according to Rogue One star Mads Mikkelsen.

In a recent interview with the Independent, Mikkelsen – who reportedly stars as Galen, the father of Rogue One’s protagonist, Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) – offered his take on the situation and urged fans not to look too deep into the gossip:

Basically, all the big films I have done always have reshoots, it is part of their budget. They’re either not super happy with a scene bit, the way we were acting, or maybe there’s something they want to add. It’s not a new thing, it happens with every film. Whether it’s bigger or less, I have no idea, I have nothing to compare with. It’s the same film, it’s just adding little bits here and there to do the final polishing. That’s my feeling.

Mikkelsen makes a solid point – Hollywood blockbusters almost always do reshoots, whether it’s to fix kinks or appease execs. Besides, Disney has known of director Gareth Edwards’ intention to make a war film that veers from the traditional Star Wars formula. It’s part of the whole reason Disney sanctioned these spin-off “anthology” films to explore other elements of the Star Wars universe.

Rogue One’s trailer hinted at a darker tone, so the vibe that Disney is allegedly unhappy with seems to be apart of the plan. The reality is that Rogue One is probably fine and will turn out to be a enjoyable film that serves up a fresh take on the galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars: Rogue One is still set to arrive in theaters Dec. 15. Stay tuned for updates.

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