Star Wars: The Old Republic Welcomes the Legacy of the Sith

I sense a disturbance.
I sense a disturbance. BioWare

The time has come with the Legacy of the Sith now on Star Wars: The Old Republic. It arrives in the game courtesy of game update 7.0. Highlights include the new storyline, new planet, and new flashpoint.

In this latest update, the battle between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire has spread to new worlds. Not only are dangerous fringe groups rising in the dark corners of the galaxy but there’s also Darth Malgus who is pursuing a yet unknown plan.

The story continues on Elom. Within the planet, a ruined Sith Fortress has been discovered. Rumors say that Darth Malgus may have found something that could be critical to the future of the Sith and the Jedi.

Aside from experiencing a new story, players can also enjoy new combat styles. For example, players can now separate their Class Story from gameplay style and thus allow for a greater customization experience. This also frees up the Advanced Class options since characters can choose any Advanced Class within the Tech or Force playstyle. That means it’s possible to play a Sith Inquisitor dual-wielding lightsabers or a Trooper bringing a Sniper Rifle to the fight.

Another key feature is returning to an underwater region, which in this case is Manaan. The planet is known for its kolto, a vital medical resource that can be used by both sides. This is the reason why the planet has been invaded by the Sith Empire.

Players can fight through underwater facilities to see who gets to take control of the planet. There are separate Imperial and Republic storylines and those who finish them get a new base of operations for their faction.

Read more about this new update here.

Digital Collector’s Edition

Players can celebrate the return of the Sith with the Sith Digital Collector’s Edition. This bundle has:

  • 30 days of subscription time
  • Subscriptions include access to all expansions, including Legacy of the Sith
  • 2,400 Cartel Coins
  • Malgus’s Command Chamber Mount
  • Darth Vindican’s Dualsaber
  • MD-CH1 Droid Minipet

This bundle is offered at $39.99 available for a limited time. Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG based in the Star Wars universe available on PC.

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