'Star Wars' Actor Also Wants Offline 'Star Wars Battlefront' Campaign

Finn from Star Wars wants an offline story mode in Star Wars Battlefront Telegraph

Star Wars Episode VII actor John Boyega has joined the crowd wondering where a campaign for Star Wars Battlefront is. Boyega recently tweeted at the official EA Star Wars account with his question.

It seems Boyega wants an offline story mode mostly to learn controls better in a more stress-free environment. The Star Wars account was quick to reply, mentioning there are offline missions to play.

While it’s true that there are missions you can play offline, all of those revolve around you (and possibly also a friend) surviving as long as possible against waves of enemies. The only other offline content consists of tutorials and training missions. A full campaign featuring large-scale battles, vehicles and power-ups is a bit different.

Sadly, it seems players will not be getting any content like this for Star Wars Battlefront . We knew going in that DICE wanted to focus as much as possible on making a solid online multiplayer game, and they certainly have succeeded. This means attention could not be dedicated to creating an offline campaign.

So what do you think? Do you agree with Boyega that an offline campaign would be fun? Are you more excited to see the new Star Wars Battlefront DLC coming in the next few weeks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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