Star Trek: Bridge Crew Enters The 20th Century With Non-VR Patch

Star Trek Bridge Crew can now be played by everyone without a VR headset.
Star Trek Bridge Crew can now be played by everyone without a VR headset. Ubisoft

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is going back in time, technology-wise, with its latest patch. The update will remove the VR requirement, allowing players to play on a standard TV or monitor.

The non-VR update to Star Trek: Bridge Crew allows players on PS4 and PC to join up and play together. This means someone with a PSVR can team up with someone playing on a PC with a monitor, someone playing on a PS4 with a TV and someone playing on PC with a headset. Additionally, the update adds Windows Mixed Reality headset support, so even more people can play together.

Bridge Crew has always been a social experience about bringing people together to fly a starship,” said Brian Tate, the game director of Star Trek: Bridge Crew, in the video. “And now we’ve removed one of the barriers to that. You can mix virtual reality and non-virtual reality, and cross-platform play so everyone can play Bridge Crew together.”

The update also adds graphical enhancements for non-VR users, since displaying to a traditional TV or monitor means less computational stress. While not specifically mentioned, the video hints at improved lighting and more detailed special effects. However, if you have a truly beefy system, these enhancements can be turned on for VR users as well.

The video ended with Senior Creative Director David Votypka teasing “additional cool things” that should be coming in the next update. He didn’t give out any specifics for what these new things could be, but things players will be excited about are in the works. Get your speculations running now.

The non-VR update is available right now, so it’s safe to buy the game if you don’t have a VR headset.

So what do you think? Are you excited to finally play Star Trek: Bridge Crew now that you don’t need to own a VR headset? If you do own a VR headset, will you keep playing with it, or switch to a traditional screen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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