‘Star Trek Beyond’ Not The Last Of The Abramsverse, Has ‘Retro Vibe’

Spock in 'Star Trek Beyond.'
Spock in 'Star Trek Beyond.' Paramount

In an interview at CinemaCon, Star Trek Beyond co-writer Simon Pegg called the upcoming film “just another Star Trek movie” that “isn’t just another Star Trek movie.” It winds up making sense.

According to Pegg, this new Star Trek isn’t attempting to build any continuity with previous movies or concluding any particular multi-film story arc. “I feel like it’s another installment in the story of Star Trek, which has lasted for 50 years in various incarnations and iterations,” Pegg said. “It’s not like, ‘oh, this is the completion of a trilogy,’ it’s not. It’s a story of these people in a different part of their lives in a time where they’ve gone off to do a specific mission: which is to explore the galaxy.”

With these comments and new investments from Alibaba, it looks like the Abramsverse Star Trek s (J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek and its two sequels are set in a timestream parallel to the original Star Trek continuity) are likely to continue beyond Beyond, barring box office disaster.

This will put the Paramount Star Trek movie series on a permanent path of divergence from the upcoming Star Trek TV series from CBS, rumored to be set in the years after peace with the Klingons is made in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country.

While we’ve seen little more than the Star Trek Beyond trailer, that’s about to change, with the release of a second trailer expected at a Star Trek event on May 20. According to cast member Zachary Quinto, who returns as Spock in Star Trek Beyond, “There’s a retro kind of vibe to it — at least, I felt that when we were making it. So, we’ll see how it turns out.” Hopefully that spirit will come out in the new trailer.

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