‘Star Trek Beyond’ Baddie Krall Is A Predator With ‘Well-Earned Hatred’ For The Federation, Says Idris Elba

Idris Elba in Star Trek Beyond.
Idris Elba in Star Trek Beyond. Paramount Pictures

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Idris Elba revealed new info about his character Krall’s motivations in Star Trek Beyond. Most interesting is that Krall apparently has a fairly legit gripe with how the Federation has handled exploration and alliances in the Alpha Quadrant.

“ What’s interesting about him is that he has a real beef with what the Enterprise stands for,” Elba told EW . “Krall’s a character who’s deeply steeped in hatred — in my opinion, a well-earned hatred—for the Federation. It felt quite political. There’s a relatability to what’s happening in our world. Not everybody’s happy with what everybody calls the good guys.”

Elba elaborated a bit on this, comparing Krall to a separatist uninterested in diplomatic alliances. “There’s definitely an opposing argument to the good that the Federation think they do. There are purists that believe in independence, and believe that we’re all made differently for a reason, and will fight tooth and nail to defend that.”

Elba also compared Krall’s relationship to “Jaws and Dory,” whatever that means. Let’s assume he meant Jaws and Brody, which would cast Krall as an apex predator confronted with a police officer. “Krall is predatory. He’s not one for big speeches. He is one for going to get what he wants.”

Star Trek Beyond will be out in theaters on July 22, so we can finally evaluate for ourselves just exactly who the hell these Jaws and Dory fellows are.

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