Star Dynasties First Major Update: New Extort System, Spy Events, and Bug Fixes

Star Dynasties - Intrigue Update
Star Dynasties - Intrigue Update Steam

Star Dynasties recently received a major update that reworked the intrigue mechanic and fixed issues with the honor system. The intrigue system now allows players to get more information, like revealing the target’s residence and getting petty secrets of the character in a location.

Additionally, the developers have added two new changes: extort mechanic and spy events. The extort system is similar to blackmail. Successful extortion always leads to rewards, but bigger rewards are limited to select targets. The spy events present players with some decisions that can give them advantages in their ongoing missions. Players might even get some information about a character with lots of power, which they can take advantage of.

Star Dynasties Update


  • Beta German Localization! (you can change language in the top right of the main menu)
  • You can now pet the dog
  • Tweaked game generation so it is less likely for your initial vassal barons to immediately betray you
  • You can now seduce characters that are part of your house
  • The "House" prefix for a house name is now mandatory
  • The star system summary now also shows unrest on system
  • Reduced cost of Spread Dissent to 30
  • Reduced per turn cost of Quell Unrest to 1
  • Many minor tweaks to UI, tooltips, in-game text, story events
  • Fixed two rare causes of the end of turn soft-lock
  • Fixed soft-lock when switching to the Vassals tab while appointing a ruler to a rebuilt colony
  • Fixed bug where per turn cost of Quell Unrest was not being deducted from house finances
  • You can no longer seduce characters in a faction with whom you are at war
  • Fixed bug where the player was not being told when a romantic partner broke up with them
  • It is no longer possible for a colony to have less than zero unrest
  • Fixed issue where a character would push a claim to rule an unknown system or faction
  • Fixed issue where some secrets were not prompting the "Cover Up" suggestion
  • Fixed bug where sometimes you would bring along your dead spouse to a feast
  • Fixed issue where reputation and happiness bars in the bottom toolbar were sometimes not drawn correctly
  • Fixed issue where the game would still say a mod is enabled after it was manually removed from the Mods directory

You can read more about the update here.

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