Star Conflict: Nordstorm DLC Now Available in Standard and Deluxe Editions

Look what's arrived.
Look what's arrived. Star Gem

The newest DLC for Star Conflict is now available. Titled Nordstorm, it's available in Standard and Deluxe Editions. The basic pack comes with:

  • Rank 16 recon interceptor “Nordstorm”
  • Passive module “Cyberdeck terminal”
  • Weapon “IFG-4622”
  • Unique portrait “Ragnar March”

In addition, those who buy this bundle get a premium license good for 30 days.

The Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition has these:

  • Rank 16 recon interceptor “Nordstorm”
  • Passive module “Cyberdeck terminal”
  • Weapon “IFG-4622”
  • Unique portrait “Ragnar March”
  • Special decor “Hosaku reactor”
  • Pattern “Bartle’s labyrinth”

This pack also includes these modules:

  • Holoship
  • Micro-locator
  • Teleportation anchor
  • Parasitic remodulator
  • Vernier engines
  • Catalyst injector
  • Emergency barrier
  • Adaptive shield
  • EM-diffuser
  • Asynchronous shield projector
  • Crystal plates
  • “Duelist” protocol

Compared to the Standard Edition, this one offers a premium license good for 90 days.

Meet the Nordstorm

This new DLC focuses on the leader of the Northern Empire Arnold Klaver. He has long wanted a modern ship for his personal use but the shipyards of the systems under his control are either outdated or could only come up with fleet models from the Third War for the Bartle sector. Because of this, he made the decision to order a scout ship from the mysterious Klauss Inc.

After a month, the new ship was ready and came equipped with a unique warp drive, capable of accelerating to enormous speeds. In addition, the ship released a jet of a special substance that slows the reactions in the engines of the ship. Its combat power and ability to freeze the space behind it gave it the name Nordstrom.

While Arnold Klaver was happy with his new ships, secret agents of the UMC learned about its existence. With great difficulty, the UMC was able to have an agreement with Klauss for the supply of such ships to the service of mercenaries.

Get Star Conflict on Steam. You can also check out the new Nordstorm DLC.

Star Conflict is an action-packed and massively multiplayer space simulation game where players take on the role of elite pilots engaged in a widespread interplanetary skirmish.

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