Star Citizen: Patch 3.18.0v Resolves Kiosk UI Black Screen Issue

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Star Citizen is a space trading and combat simulation game developed by Cloud Imperium Games. This title is still in alpha, but it is continually being developed by the company. What’s more, Star Citizen has a thriving community, so even if the game still lacks some stuff, you can enjoy it by playing with other people.

Recently, Patch 3.18.0v was deployed in the game’s PTU or Public Test Universe. It doesn’t bring any new content but it is a welcome one, thanks to the plethora of bug fixes it provides.

One of the biggest issues resolved in the latest update for Star Citizen concerns terminals and kiosks. More specifically, the bug that prevented them from loading their user interface and just displaying a black screen, which is now fixed.

Additionally, the issue where you could purchase items beyond your inventory’s capacity has been addressed.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed: 30009 upon attempting to rejoin PU
  • Fixed - UI - Shopping - Shopping Kiosks: Can't move after closing shop kiosk with "x" UI button
  • Fixed - Klescher Rehabilitation Facility - Actor: Force respawning or dying inside prison will respawn the character without any loadout
  • Fixed - Actor Feature - Personal Inventory/UI: Capacity bars on inventory can fail to show correct percentage, and in some instances show negative
  • Fixed - Actor Feature - Inventory: Equipped armor remains attached to undersuit in local inventory when player dies in armistice zone
  • Fixed - UI/Network - Menus: When selecting "exit to menu," game stalls on black screen for a long time before the loading screen appears
  • Fixed - Mission Content/AI - UGF Raid: Bunker/UGF mission NPC kills are not always recorded
  • Fixed - Ships - Ship Features - Graphics/Art: Multiple vehicles are displaying glowing interior screens instead of normal decals
  • Fixed - ORIGIN 890 Jump - Vehicles/Mission Content: The 890J used in the URGENT: Boarding Action mission will spawn with no elevator platforms or elevator doors
  • Fixed - Multivehicle - Hull Scraping/VMA: The port side Salvage Head Sub-Item Slots do not update correctly
  • Fixed - Multivehicle US - Vehicle: Toggling G-Safe off and on using PIT wheel hails ATC and assigns landing pad
  • Fixed - Vehicles/Collision/Cargo: Moving cargo in Drake Caterpillar causes collision issues
  • Fixed - Star Marine: Players with a Crimestat in the PU will have their loadout swap to the prison suit after dying in Star Marine
  • Fixed - AC - Broken Moon: Player is unable respawn when dying in blue terraformer light.
  • Fixed - Multiweapon - Inventory/Weapons: The narrative description of multiple weapon magazine sizes differ from their actual capacity
  • Fixed - Stanton - Lorville: When loading into Lorville, the entity count can be almost double what it should be peaking at 150000
  • Fixed - Landing Zones/VMs: After repairing a ship, button shows 1 aUEC for repair
  • Fixed - MULTIVEHICLE - Ships - PES/Spawning: Player-docked snubs are ejected when Constellation is retrieved from ASOP
  • Fixed - PU - Law System - Armistice Zones - Gameplay/Locations: Armistice zones that fully prevent weapon usage are rendering player characters and ships invulnerable
  • Fixed: There is a broken vault near the start of the prison escape route that trapped players

Star Citizen Patch 3.18.0v is available on PC.

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