Star Citizen Is Free For The Next 11 Days

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Star Citizen is one of the most controversial games in the gaming community right now. The game was able to raise a whopping $275 million for its production through crowdfunding. Despite that, only a few players have been able to get their hands on the game. Well, now is your chance to play the game for 11 days straight, all for free.

The free to play period is in line with the Invictus Launch Week event, which is an in-game event that allows players to check out some of the coolest airship collections in United Empire of Earth. The event allows players to hop into the available airships and take a test drive. Additionally, you can also buy these spaceships in case you like them.

“Known colloquially as Fleet Week, the Invictus Launch Week marks the period between Emancipation Day and Armistice Day and the beginning of the new year of recruits for the UEE Navy," the press release for the event reads. "To honor the citizens who signed up to defend the Human systems during this time, pilots will have the rare opportunity for Free Fly test flights, special promotions, community contests, and more, including a special in-game fire-works display to usher in the arrival of immense capital ships appearing in the ‘verse for the first time.”

Developer Cloud Imperium Games is offering various game modes in Star Citizen, including spaceship and first-person combat. There's also a private hanger for backers, who can hang around and view their spaceships. Additionally, backers can also explore the city of Area18.

All of the modes are directly connected to the Persistent Universe, allowing players to meet other players, engage in missions, and of course, take on the spaceship and first-person combat.

If you have been thinking about giving Star Citizen a shot, this is the perfect time to hop into the game and get a decent experience without spending a dime.

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