Star Age: Space Combat Update 0.3.0: Bot Players and Updated Netcode

Star Age: Space Combat Update 0.3.0
Star Age: Space Combat Update 0.3.0 Steam

Star Age: Space Combat recently received a major update that introduced bot players and improved netcode. The update also featured minor tweaks and improvements.

Bot Players

The latest update features the new bot players. Now, when hosting the game, human players will find a checkbox that can fill in the remaining number of player slots using bots. These bots will be removed when more players join the game until the minimum player count is reached.

Updated Netcode

The developer included several improvements to upgrade the netcode. Now, movement should look smoother over the network and make it easier for players, who aren’t hosting the game, to land shots.

Star Age: Space Combat Update 0.3.0

Detailed Release Notes
  • Laser weapon range decreased from 40km to 20km.
  • Missile weapon range increased from 10km to 30km.
  • Fixed an issue where lasers would collide with each other and block damage.
  • Fixed an issue where missiles would collide with the player firing the missile.
  • Added options for setting minimum player count.
  • Fixed an issue where players on the same network couldn't connect if their computers only had public IPv6 addresses.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple players could spawn in the same location.
  • The scoreboard now sorts players by highest number of points.
  • The engine version and analytics package have been updated.
  • The checkbox in the analytics options for sharing your device ID has been removed, as the newest version of Unity analytics no longer tracks this data.
Known Issues
  • When joining a game, you may see the scoreboard stuck on "Respawning in 3 seconds" without counting down. To fix the issue, simply leave the game and rejoin.
  • You may still see some odd behavior from bots, such as circling a specific point or continuing to fire even though there's no target in front of them. Bots will get smarter in future releases.
  • Lag compensation may not work well when close to bot targets. You may need to lead your shots when fighting bot players at close range. This accuracy will improve in future releases.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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