Stadia January Update: February 2020 Stadia Pro Games Revealed, Not Much Else Confirmed

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Earlier today Google announced the January update for Stadia, and there really isn't any concrete information about new features or updates. Google did confirm that the acclaimed post-apocalyptic shooter Metro Exodus and Stadia-exclusive horror game Gylt are the February 2020 Stadia Pro free games, but also mentioned that Samurai Shodown and Rise of the Tomb Raider will be leaving the subscription service. If you're a Stadia Pro user, you only have three days to pick up either of the two games leaving the service.

Stadia Pro users will now get the standard edition of Metro Exodus, a brilliant post-apocalyptic shooter that combines elements of stealth, deadly combat, and exploration, to present a survival horror experience set in Russia. The game was originally released in February 2019.

Glyt is the first Stadia-exclusive title, which all Stadia Pro users can enjoy starting next month. Developed by Tequila Works, Gylt is a haunting narrative that sheds light on bullying and childhood nightmares. Currently, the game is exclusive to Google Stadia, but once exclusivity time is up, it will release across multiple platforms.

In addition to these two new games, Stadia Pro members can also claim Destiny 2, Framing Simulator 19, and Thumper throughout February.

Other new content coming to Google Stadia includes the Red Dead Online: Moonshiners update and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Raids and Terminator Event.

Alongside this announcement, the blog post from Google also mentioned that Achievements are being added to Google Stadia, allowing users to to receive notifications of their achievements and credits.

This announcement from Google was made shortly after users on Reddit started voicing their demands and questioning Google of their empty promises. A Reddit user, Gizoogle, highlighted the following points:

  • As expected, there haven't been any further updates in January after the "120 game mystery bonanza" (other than February pro games, which we still don't know)
  • Still supposedly 2+ months out until 4k on browser, any Assistant functionality at all, and the true wireless controller functionality advertised
  • 120 games coming but none revealed so far
  • Pixel phone remains the only Android phone with Stadia functionality
  • Still no mention of iOS
  • Still no mention at all of Stadia base
  • Still no mention of family sharing
  • Still no acknowledgement that they've read and/or are listening to the community (or plan on bettering their communication model)
  • Daily updates, scrapped for weekly updates, scrapped for... bi-monthly updates?

The post quickly gained attention and led Google to break the silence by announcing the two new games for its video game streaming service. Unfortunately, that was the only issue raised by Gizoogle and the other Reddit users that was actually answered by Google. For everything else, we'll just have to keep waiting for more announcements.

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