Square Enix Presents: Balan Wonderworld Releases a Hero or Two Trailer

Learn more about the game.
Learn more about the game. Square Enix

Balan Wonderworld is ready to launch on March 26. The question is how it can hype players even more? At the Square Enix Presents digital event, the game released the latest trailer to reignite interest.

You can watch it below:

The New Trailer

If you don’t have time to watch the new trailer, don’t worry since we’ll break it down for you. The trailer in general gives players a peek at Wonderworld and its main stars, Leo and Emma. The two need to bring back balance to the hearts of 12 troubled souls by clearing out what’s known as Negati. These are the physical manifestations of worry as well as other negative emotions.

To complete the challenges, players can do certain actions, such as jumping, climbing, flying, and smashing. Players also need to go through multiple areas while collecting more than 80 costumes that can give them special powers. Helping the two in their quest is none other than the maestro Balan.

So what else did the trailer show? It reveals the cooperative multiplayer feature of the game. It has two players journey together in local co-op and team up to complete the challenges. A little creativity is needed as well since players have to find the best combination of costumes and abilities that can beat enemies.

A Quick Look

Early this week, Balan Wonderworld Producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto gave an explanation of the themes presented in the game and what each world represents.

In World One, for example, players will meet Jose Gallard, who’s also known as “The Man Who Rages Against the Storm.” The world is set on a farm filled with beautiful cornfields but hiding in Jose’s heart is Barktholomew. This symbolizes Jose’s despair when he saw his cornfield being destroyed. That’s why this world is all about coping not only with the loss but despair too.

World Three, meanwhile, introduces players to Yuri Brand or “The Girl Who’s Gaga for Bugs.” Yuri has a love for creepy crawlies and this has resulted in her classmates taking advantage and treating her as an outsider. The boss in this world is known as Wormsworth, which symbolizes Yuri’s hurt emotions. In this world, players are presented with themes of friendship, loneliness, and the feeling of being misunderstood.

Read more about it Fujimoto had to share about the game here.

Balan Wonderworld is an action-platformer game based around the mysterious Balan theater, the realm of maestro Balan. Players are the star of the show and get to use different special abilities coming from costumes as they go through this imaginary and rather bizarre world. The game is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

A free demo is still available before the official launch and you can read more about it here.

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