Splatoon 3: Several Main Weapons Buffed in Latest Update

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A new patch for Splatoon 3 is now available for download. This update has buffed a lot of weapons in the game, particularly main weapons.

Fans of the Splattershot Nova will have more mobility thanks to a recent adjustment. More specifically, the player will now move 10% faster when firing the Splattershot Nova and the ink splatter now falls on the player’s feet more easily.

The Snipewriter 5H - a unique long-range weapon in Splatoon 3 that can unleash five bullets in succession when it’s fully charged, needs a bit more oomph in the damage department. As such, this weapon’s maximum damage has been increased from 60 to 68.

Dapple Dualies also got buffed in this update. The time it takes for players to act after performing a Dodge Roll has been shortened by roughly 0.06 seconds. This is pretty significant for those who want to play more aggressively.

Patch Notes

Main Weapons
  • Luna Blaster/Luna Blaster Neo
    • Increased the radius of the explosion area that deals 70.0 damage by about 50%.
      • No changes to the radius of the area that deals 50/0 damage.
  • Big Swig Roller
    • Adjusted the damage-falloff rate based on vertical-swing distance, making the amount of damage fall off more gradually than before.
      • Due to this change, the distance where 100.0+ damage can be dealt was extended by roughly 15%, and the distance where 50.0+ damage can be dealt was extended by roughly 49%.
  • Slosher/Slosher Deco
    • Adjusted the damage-falloff rate when a player attacks someone vertically lower than them, making it more difficult for damage to decrease.
      • Due to this change, the minimum amount of damage dealt to an opponent will be 50.0.
  • REEF-LUX 450
    • Made the angle of diffusion narrower depending on the amount of charge, making it easier to focus on attacking a single area.
    • Movement speed while charging is now about 10% faster.
Sub Weapons
  • Angle Shooter
    • Roughly doubled the radius of the ink splatter that occurs when it hits terrain.
  • Burst Bomb
    • Increased the amount of ink consumed from a standard ink tank from 40% to 45% if the player doesn’t have the “Ink Saver (Sub)” ability equipped.
      • The amount of ink consumed when the maximum number of abilities are equipped will not change.
Special Weapons
  • Tacticooler
    • Increased the initial setup speed when throwing the Tacticooler by roughly 33% to enable it to be set up farther than before.
    • Roughly doubled the horizontal radius of the area where players can drink a beverage.
  • Reefslider
    • Increased the amount of damage dealt from 60.0 to 70.0 when getting caught in an explosion at long range, and increased the radius of that area by roughly 17%.
    • Increased the radius of the ink splatter from an explosion by roughly 21%.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Splatoon 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

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