Spire of Sorcery Adds Story Mode in December Update

A new way to experience the game.
A new way to experience the game. Charlie Oscar

A new update has been released for Spire of Sorcery, which could be the most important change done so far for the game. A new Story Mode has been added that should deepen the RPG features and offer players a new experience. There are three chapters planned with Chapter 1 already available. Chapter 1 has three separate stories where players need to make meaningful choices since they can change the outcome of each game.

For the new Story Mode, players can expect handmade maps with each chapter having encounters intertwined with stories. Each also has consequences that happen beyond the chapter. The goal is to make players more involved in the entire storyline.

What about other chapters? It turns out that the plan is to add a Story Mode for Chapters 2 and 3 in January.

The December update also makes changes in the encounter interface. Tokens, for example, are now counter-based, so screens should be less cluttered. In addition, the progression of the actions of the opponents is now radial. These are just some of the improvements to offer better and more information to players. The spellbook and spell mechanics have been tweaked as well. However, they're not yet fully implemented.

Players can also expect visual upgrades like new animations on the map. These show the impact of the player's decision in the story as well. For example, if something was destroyed, it would appear on the map. Meanwhile, characters in the party now make comments and even voice their opinion, especially if they spot certain things. This should make the game feel more alive and reactive, making each playthrough unique.

View the list of changes here.

Spire of Sorcery is a turn-based party RPG with deck mechanics. The game utilizes a system of tokens where players can combine spellcasting, alchemy, and equipment. This can affect not only opponents but also the environment. Players control a party of runaway mages on a quest to help the sentient magical citadel heal the broken world of Rund.

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