Spelunky 2 1.21.0c Patch Notes: New Features, Bug Fixes, and More

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Spelunky 2 developer, Mossmouth, recently released a new update that fixed tons of bugs and added some new features.

Certain issues, such as when completing the Sun Challenge and NPC picking up objects that could cause the game to crash, have been addressed by the latest update and should no longer bother players. Additionally, the developers have included the total player count in leaderboards, which is a neat addition for keeping track of the user count.

Spelunky 2 Patch Notes


  • Fixed teleport
  • Players can now use doors during the throwing animation
  • Fixed Vlad's cape double jump on jumping from a rope while attacking or throwing a bomb
  • Players are now able to whip against a fragile floor while climbing it with climbing gloves
  • Prevented vendors from angering on touching honey during their patrol phase
  • Prevented vendors from increasing wanted level when their corpses get destroyed by a snap trap
  • Fixed case where players were not being blamed when they caused a UFO to explode in a shop
  • Prevented vendors and NPCs from blaming the player if they receive damage from a corpse thrown by themselves
  • Prevented player corpses from stomping monsters
  • Prevented on sale held backpack from being dropped when the vendor gets angered and the player already has the same backpack equipped
  • Fixed players not being able to grab paste bombs attached to their bodies under some circumstances
  • Improved cobra's acid spit to make it more unlikely to affect the player when the player had just stomped the cobra right as the spit had just spawned


  • Fixed rare crash when completing the Sun Challenge
  • Fixed crash when the ending's NPC picks up a pickable item
  • Fixed telepack related crash

New Features

  • Ending playable characters are now unlockable from daily runs
  • Added "Asinus" constellation suffix for True Crown wearers
  • Added Total Players count to leaderboards


  • Fixed block when a player with an Ankh in use is disconnected
  • Added controller vibration and taskbar icon flash when a new player joins the lobby
  • Optimized leaderboard cache
  • Ending a daily will now redirect to leaderboards


  • Made hired hands more collaborative, preventing them from going for the same target at the same time
  • Fixed hired hands' pick up priorities
  • Added a short time margin to prevent hired hands from moving as soon as the level starts
  • Prevented hired hands from attacking targets that are being held
  • Fixed hired hands remaining motionless on losing the path to the player
  • Prevented hired hands from staying motionless on thorny vines
  • Prevented hired hands from trying to pick up entities placed on thorny vines
  • Hired hands will now drop the shield on being whipped
  • Hired hands will now drop the shield if they are about to crush a player
  • Prevented hired hands from fleeing from passive ghists
  • Improved detection and handling of falling damage (including falling on lava and some other dangerous places)
  • Improved hired hands' upward whip attacks
  • Prevented hired hands from changing their looking direction while attacking
  • Improved hired hands' attack to try to prevent them from touching the target during the attack

You can read more about the update here.

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