'Spaceteam' Buzztime Deal Brings Cooperative Multiplayer To Bars And Restaurants

Spaceteam Photo: Sleeping Beast Games

Spaceteam , one of the best cooperative multiplayer experiences on mobile devices, is coming to Buffalo Wild Wings, a restaurant chain waging war on the idea that chicken wings should always be delicious. It’ll also be available in a variety of other restaurants and bars that offer the popular Buzztime entertainment devices to their patrons.

You aren’t alone if you’re trying to figure out the last time you even thought about Spaceteam . We were bigs fans of the cooperative multiplayer mobile title when it launched back in 2012, as were most of the critics who reviewed Spaceteam, but even the best mobile games on the market don’t typically retain their audience for more than a few months. We didn’t even realize Spaceteam had been adapted into a cooperative card game until this morning.

But a new deal between NTN Buzztime and Sleeping Beast Games, to bring Spaceteam to the former’s tablet network, might be just the thing to get people talking about Spaceteam again. It obviously worked on us. We’ll be the first to admit giving drunk people an extra reason to yell doesn’t sound like a great idea on paper. But public venues are probably a great place to find people willing to engage with Spaceteam . And your local bartender should be more than happy to provide some liquid courage to anyone who needs a little help coming out of their shell.

For a closer look at Spaceteam , take a few minutes to watch the introduction trailer released back in 2012. Then head down to the comments section and let us know if you’d like to see more of these kinds of multiplayer experiences brought to restaurants and bars.

Spaceteam is currently available on a variety of iOS and Android devices. Those interested in playing Spaceteam in public can find nearby locations on the Buzztime website.

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