Spacelines from the Far Out: The Matchmaking Update is Here

Better matchmaking days ahead.
Better matchmaking days ahead. Coffeenauts

A new update is now live in Spacelines from the Far Out, which finally introduces full online matchmaking, the feature most requested by the community. Players can also look forward to the new in-game chat and the new lobby menu where they can browse public games and join them.

Other new features that arrived with Patch 1.3 include new options for the game host, which are to create public/private sessions and configure guest permissions. The game host now also has access to a new kick/ban feature.

Additional matchmaking and online improvements are:

  • The loading screen now shows the loading progress of other players in online games.
  • Major optimization of bandwidth usage in online games.
  • More detailed disconnection messages.
  • Several stability and synchronization improvements in online games.

There are also gameplay and quality-of-life changes:

  • Several adjustments to game difficulty for 1, 2, 3, and 4 players.
  • Adjustments to the game economy.
  • Added new “patch notes” pop-up to main menu.
  • Added new section in tutorial level and A.R.T.H.U.R message regarding fuel usage and ship acceleration.
  • Sick players using the Medical Capsule now show a healing progress indicator.
  • Improved size of Medical Capsule interaction area.
  • “New unlockable” icons for company logos and colors now only get removed when they are used.
  • Improved camera behavior for far away players in large spaceports.
  • Tweaked rotation of ship systems in some ship blueprints.

Read more about Patch 1.3 here.

Spacelines from the Far Out is a co-op management game about running an airline in space. The game features unlockable spaceships, upgrades, characters, customizations, randomly-generated challenges, as well as trips and itineraries. There's even a generous serving of 60s space-age flair and jazz.

With the Trip Generator, players are guaranteed that they'll never fly the same trip twice. This is a system that creates a fresh campaign by having unique sets of routes, destinations, space hazards, ship emergencies, and passenger events. Meanwhile, the Director AI monitors the progress and performance of players through each trip and controls the game dynamically in real-time. This allows for a seamless transition from single-player to multiplayer.

By successfully completing flights, players can find lost parcels containing tons of unlockables for their company. These include spaceline customizations like logos and color schemes, skins for the ships, and new species of playable characters.

Get Spacelines from the Far Out on Steam.

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