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As Microsoft has finally revealed the Xbox Series X/S and as has announced the pricing of the upcoming consoles, fans have now turned their attention to Sony. Despite all the announcements and reveals that happened in the past few weeks, Sony has remained tightlipped about the PlayStation 5.

However, it seems that Sony has something planned for next week during a PAX Online event, which is scheduled for September 18. Sony has yet to announce what next week's presentation will entail, but it could be a great time for the company to reveal the price of the PS5 and set the record straight as Microsoft recently revealed the price of the Xbox Series X and S. With the PS5 launch nearing, Sony could also use the event to clarify more things like the PS5 launch day lineup.

Of course, fans do have a vague idea of what games will be among the launch day lineup like Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Meanwhile, several rumors have surfaced online indicating another unannounced PS5 title that will be among the launch day game offerings.

PAX Online will also include other studios besides Sony, including CD Projekt Red, Nintendo, and Square Enix. The event is expected to offer new information on the industry's biggest games that are being currently developed, a Legend of Zelda concert is also planned, and a playthrough of Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human will happen across the week. Unlike Microsoft's lackluster events, Sony's events until now have been quite impressive and fans are expecting the same from the upcoming show.

Microsoft had to reveal the pricing of next-gen consoles after leaks started blowing up the internet. However, this hasn't happened in the case of the PlayStation 5. But, some rumors have suggested that Sony slashed down the pricing on the PS5 after Microsoft announced the $499 price tag for the Xbox Series X. We'll just have to wait and see what Sony says to know more.

PAX Online is scheduled to run from September 12 to September 20.

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