Sony Enters Race For X-Men Film Rights

Sony steps into the race for Fox's X-Men properties. 20th Century Fox

Variety reported that Sony is currently in the very early stages of obtaining the rights to X-Men, and presumably the Fantastic Four as well. Last week, we reported that X-Men could join the MCU sooner than we thought as Disney purportedly extended a deal for the superhero property, but had encountered a stalemate of sorts with Fox. Almost immediately after the story broke, the deal cooled considerably, until all word on the matter gradually fell out of news cycles.  

A deal with Sony is not consistent with the trajectory of X-Men, saying nothing of Sony’s widely anticipated Venom standalone film and separate Spideyverse. From where I stand, Fox is finally doing interesting things with X-Men, from Logan to Deadpool and now Legion and New Mutants. Meanwhile, it would be nice to see the MCU do something with Galactus and The Silver Surfer, but the Fantastic Four can stand to sit out for a couple of years before another reboot.

However, to complicate things even further, James Franco is currently in negotiations to star in a Multiple Man stand-alone film, produced by Simon Kinsberg and written by one Wonder Woman co-writer, Allan Heinberg. Have you ever encountered a pitch any less intriguing? Here’s a movie about no one's favorite X-Men character, starring the guy no one likes, produced by the guy that ruined X-Men in the first place.  

So what’s on your mind, readers? Can Sony do X-Men justice? Or should Fox keep steady on the path they laid out for themselves?


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