Sons of the Forest Now Lets Players Strum Their Guitars

Sons of the Forest Endnight Games

The latest update for the survival game Sons of the Forest is here. Patch 05 adds a bunch of new stuff that you can enjoy, including the ability to play the guitar.

Sons of the Forest is a survival game where you are assigned to find a missing billionaire on an island riddled with cannibals. While things may seem dire in such games, Patch 05 lets you enjoy the downtime by letting you play the guitar. Strum a few chords and sing some songs with your fellow survivors while sitting around a campfire.

Now for the serious stuff. This update added new content, such as new wearable clothing, new found footage, and a new cove area where you can find beached sailboats. Furthermore, the map has been expanded and now contains 79 new ponds and 34 new lakes that you can go to.

For improvements, you'll occasionally find some cannibals engage in a test of strength by fighting one another. Watch the show and see who comes out on top; just make sure to find a good hiding spot to avoid being seen by patrolling enemies.

Patch Notes

New Features

  • Buildable basic and advanced log sled
  • Tree regrowth (setting is on by default) with a 10% chance to randomly regrow when you sleep
  • Findable cooking pots and new advanced cooking system
  • Can now add tarps to log structures
  • Added Timmy mutated arm to demon battle scene
  • New Kelvin commands added to reset traps, fill log sleds and fill drying racks with fish


  • Days Survived now shows the correct readout if the player died during the final interactive cutscene by jumping into the propeller blades
  • Cannibal fear is now affected by group size, single cannibals will have more fear, large cannibal groups will have less
  • Shotgun rail is now on side of gun instead of top to avoid blocking vision
  • Turtles will now only lay eggs on sand
  • Muddies will sometimes get bored with the player and run away if not angry
  • Added Timmy mutant arm visuals to demon boss cutscene
  • Lowered priority for female cannibals stealing logs
  • Eagles may now steal dead fish
  • Throwing dead bodies on spring traps now sends them flying into air
  • Moldy food and dead flowers added to banquet hall
  • Timmy will now block the exit to hell cave until after you have defeated the boss demon
  • Timmy's jacket will now be ripped after demon boss battle scene
  • GPS Map updated with latest lakes and rivers
  • Dead small birds now float in water
  • Fix for duplicating logs in storage triggers
  • Improved support for loading into large multiplayer saves and help with structures vanishing
  • Rotated the shotgun in the weapon case in inventory so that the mods are visible now that they are on the side
  • Added more tree moss/vines in areas of map
  • Added cooking pot pickup to tech apartment in bunker residential
  • Looking around now updates the target cut position when aiming at a log with an axe equipped (before it was only calculated when first targeted)

Sons of the Forest Patch 05 is available on PC.

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