SongPop Live US Release Scheduled For November On iOS

Prepare to drop some knowledge.
Prepare to drop some knowledge. FreshPlanet

SongPop Live is scheduled to be launched in the U.S. this November, However, this is only for the iOS App Store version, as the Android version is set for release later in the year. SongPop Live is a daily live music trivia show that has players show off their musical knowledge while competing for a share of the game's cash prize.

At its core, the game offers the gameplay of other SongPop trivia games, combined with real-world cash prizes. The game is developed by FreshPlanet and published by Gameloft.

Players can compete alone, or with friends, and to see who knows their Popstars from their Rockstars or even their country twang from their west coast rap. Each game is unique, with five rounds of five songs, making use of the biggest names in music from over the last six decades.

By collaborating with music partners, SongPop Live has access to a vast catalogue of artists and their songs. This means each game offers a new musical experience with no two games being alike.

What happens if you're stumped? Well, there's still a way out. Players can earn boosts in order to help them name the song or artist. "Friends Boost," for example, shows what your friends are picking. "Remove 2," as the name implies, removes two incorrect answers. Finally there is "revive," which brings players back into the game.

The game also manages to stay fresh and exciting mainly due to the rotating cast of hosts as well as the in-game music added to the player's Apple Music Account. This turns the game into what is clearly a music discovery platform.

FreshPlanet CEO Mathieu Nouzareth said that SongPop Live is the next step for SongPop. In a press statement, Nouzareth revealed that FreshPlanet "ha[s] always had the social and competitive element with earlier SongPop games, and with SongPop Live we can turn that up to the next level and add a fresh game-show quality that brings out the musical masters and rewards them in an exciting new way.”

Meanwhile Gameloft VP Creation Thomas Aurick said in the statement that SongPop LIve is a truly different type of game for Gameloft. He went on to say that they always "believe there is a game for everyone, we strive to always find new and fresh ways for people to have fun, and we are excited to work with FreshPlanet to bring a live dimension to music games.”

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