Magic Brick Wars Scheduled For Release On Mobile Next Month

Here's something new from Halfbrick.
Here's something new from Halfbrick. Halfbrick Studios

Magic Brick Wars is all set to be released for mobile devices on November 15. This is the first game in three years from developer Halfbrick Studios, who released Dan The Man back in 2016. If the name sounds familiar, Halfbrick was responsible for game like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride.

Magic Brick Wars is a real-time multiplayer strategy game where players need to make tactical decisions. Longtime fans of Halfbrick will be glad to know that this game is based on the beloved Raskull characters.

In the game, players go head-to-head in real-time by placing powerful units, putting up formidable defenses, and laying deceptive traps from their handcrafted deck. Players need to outwit opponents and navigate across treacherous territory and storm enemy lines. The goal is to steal your opponent's lives.

For the offense side, players get access to a wide range of powerful characters, each offering unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Players also need to equip a weapon of their choice and show their playstyle based on how their deck is constructed. On the defensive end, players are armed with magical bricks that can serves as obstacles for their opponent's offense. They can also lay traps to punish any ill-advised moves by the other side.

Magic Brick Wars offers the same level of personality and soul that previous Halfbrick titles are known and loved for. One of these, as already mentioned, are the Raskulls. Released back 2010, Raskulls was a crazy action platformer and, even nine years later, players still call the characters by name. Thus it made sense that Raskulls would serve as the base of Magic Brick Wars. There are familiar faces making an appearance, like Barry Steakfries.

Upcoming Games

Halfbrick Studios also announced that three new games are in development. Two of these were a result of the studio's Halfbrick Fridays. This is an internal game-jam where everyone in the studio can pitch unique and crazy ideas to everyone else. A game idea is chosen and then teams are formed with the goal of building a playable prototype.

Magic Brick Wars is set to be released for both Android and iOS.

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