Software Inc. Beta Update 1.2: Game Changes and Bug Fixes

Software Inc. Beta Update 1.2
Software Inc. Beta Update 1.2 Steam

Software Inc. is a strategy-simulation game where you hire workers to make software and be on top of the business. The game is still in the beta phase and has received Update 1.2 recently, which added new conveyor belts and bug fixes.

Have you ever run out of options while making assembly lines? If you have, don’t worry because, in this update, the developers added three new tiers of conveyor belts. These combinations of belts can be used for building tight assembly lines to support your distribution platform.

If you’ve made a mistake while laying the conveyor belts, the game will warn you when they are facing each other. This is a good tip for you to change the arrangement.

Software Inc. Beta Update 1.2

  • Added ability to highlight all boxes on the premises related to a printing job.
  • Split up "Select furniture types in rooms" to make it more useful for selecting specific furniture.
  • Improved work progress detail window.
  • You can now reload a single furniture mod with the RELOAD_FURNITURE_MOD command.
  • Fixed door signs sometimes being visible on lower floors.
  • Fixed subsidiaries being able to open digital stores.
  • Fixed not gaining access to add-ons when taking over project management projects.
  • Employees will no longer offset their arrival times due to slow commutes by more than 4 hours, since some saves had people arriving 27 hours early.
  • Fixed game thinking work was missing applicable employees due to active iteration in alpha phase.
  • Fixed game not highlighting project management tasks when issues popped up referring to tasks in project management.
  • Updates and add-ons are now considered when determining how long it's been since player's last release in a software category.
  • Employees will now try to arrive near a lounge in case there are no applicable team rooms or PCs.
  • Fixed creating new company in a custom building would set that building as auto-save target and break it on save.
  • Fixed being able to use server group that doesn't exist by moving into building with servers from the future on the premises.
  • Fixed using arrow keys to change slider values in furniture editor not moving by 1% increments for some sliders.
  • Fixed not being able to edit new alt styles in furniture editor until reload.
  • Fixed being able to release distribution platforms as consumer products by assigning it to a subsidiary.

You can read more about the update here.

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