Snag Nintendo’s Electric New 2DS XL Pikachu Edition This Month

This unique 2DS XL has a raised image of Pikachu, and it's super cute. Nintendo

Nintendo always knows how to please its many Pikachu-loving customers. Hot on the heels of its recent Detective Pikachu announcement for western Nintendo 3DS owners, the company has revealed an adorable new special edition of the New 2DS XL. If you're a Pikachu fan, you're definitely going to want to start putting some money away for the New 2DS XL Pikachu Edition when it hits shelves in North America at the end of the month.

The special-edition 2DS XL model will run $159.99, and is adorned with a raised, 3D image of Pikachu's face on the top of the system's lid. It's absolutely adorable, and no doubt an endearing offer for anyone looking to grab Detective Pikachu when it arrives this March. Detective Pikachu will be available on both the 2DS and 3DS platforms, although the 2DS and 2DS XL systems will not display the game in 3D.

This is far from the first special-edition for the New 2DS XL—there was also a Dragon Quest Metallic Slime 2DS released in Japan, which featured a raised Slime character from the popular RPG series. It didn't make its way westward, but until the Pikachu edition was announced, it was one of the coolest.

For the Pokémon fans, the unique Poké Ball-themed 2DS XL that debuted last November was a viable option for an eye-catching system as well. It featured a striking cherry red and white design seen on the series' popular spheres used to capture and house Pokémon.

Nintendo will likely release quite a few more special-themed 2DS XLs as time wears on. There are also dozens of different special-edition 3DS XLs out in the wild, like the recent Super Nintendo-themed version that looks just like the classic console from the ‘90s. As long as we keep buying them, Nintendo will keep crankin’ ‘em out. And if you want to take home this Pikachu edition, it’s probably a good idea to buy it sooner rather than later.

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